Services & Workshops

Tailored communication coaching for homes, businesses and organisations

Communication that has the power to transform: Workplaces, Organisations, Schools, Homes and Lives

Communication is powerful; and is often the catalyst for achieving a positive outcome and moving forward in life. So much of what we do depends on good communication skills, as every role in life involves communicating. Yet, like any skill, it needs to be learnt. Some pick up the nuances of good communication naturally, but many others benefit from expert training. This is where it helps to have a good communication coach.  

What’s more, communication challenges can vary considerably between individuals, organisations and businesses. The communication needs and goals of a large corporate can be quite different to that of a school and not-for-profit organisation. While the needs of  individuals can at times be quite personal and sensitive. Our team realise this, which is why we have developed communication programmes specific to each group. You can read more about each programme below, or you can give us a call to learn more.

Business & Corporate

Tailored communication coaching for businesses. Includes individual, team and change management sessions.


Sessions tailored to the specific communication needs of community and not-for-profit organisations.

Education & Schools

Two ground-breaking curriculum's: The No Fault Classroom and The Compassionate Classroom.

Support for Parents

Three great programmes: Circle Of Security®, Nonviolent Communication & The No Fault Zone® Game.

Personal Consultation

Individual coaching sessions tailored to your goals. Learn a range of communication techniques from an expert coach.